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maschek & Franui

Fräulein Else

Concert in the Grosses Festspielhaus

Remake of the silent film “Fräulein Else” based on Arthur Schnitzlers novel

Musicbanda Franui & maschek (Live-Synchronisation)
Friday, 13. October 2023
Großes Festspielhaus
Hofstallgasse 1 , 5020 Salzburg
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39 €*
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maschek & Franui

Fräulein Else

Remake of the silent film “Fräulein Else” based on Arthur Schnitzlers novel,
live dubbed and set to music by Musicbanda Franui & maschek

MASCHEK Live-Synchronisation

The East Tyrolean Musicbanda Franui together with the cabaret duo maschek dedicate themselves to the silent film classic “Fräulein Else” by author Arthur Schnitzler and create a contemporary live dubbing and re-scoring of the moving pictures from 1929. While many of the narrations refer to the original material, numerous subplots are freely invented. This is accompanied by music that prefers to linger in the in-between: On the one hand, it is based on motifs that may already have been familiar to Schnitzler, the author; on the other hand, in Franui's reading, these musical cells can change sides and times at lightning speed. Fräulein Else in the version by maschek and Franui opens up many narrative levels and spaces of possibility at the same time.

Tickets: € 39 – € 109

20% early booking up to and including July 30th 2023

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