General terms and conditions


The AGB regulate the legal relations between the visitors of events of the Salzburger Kulturvereinigung and the Salzburger Kulturvereinigung. Their scope of application extends to self-organized performances as well as to all performances for which the Salzburg Cultural Association sells tickets.   

The prices announced in all our publications apply. Misprints are excluded. In case of differences, the prices quoted in our webshop apply.  

Reduced-price tickets can only be purchased if the reduction requirements are proven by a valid ID (membership card, subscription card, proof of age).  There is no legal entitlement to reduced tickets, certain tickets or seat groups. Only one reduced ticket per person will be issued. Reductions cannot be cumulated. In the event of unjustified use of a discount, the difference may be deducted from the full ticket price or the visitor may be referred to the performance. The purchase price will not be refunded in the second case. Reduced-price tickets can be booked at the ticket office of the Salzburg Cultural Association and online at (Exception online booking: wheelchair places, Kulturpass, subscriber loyalty bonus, Salzburger Card)

2.1. U-27
All under 27-year-olds receive reduced tickets for the events of the Salzburg Cultural Association at € 12.00 in the best available category - on presentation of proof of age. (limited contingent). 

2.2. 10 % on single tickets 
Sponsors and friends of the Salzburg Cultural Association, subscribers (GS, MM, WM), ÖAMTC members, Ö1 Club members, Raiffeisen customers and members of the Alumni Club of the University of Salzburg will receive 10 % advance tickets for all concerts of the Salzburg Cultural Association organised by themselves. Two tickets per performance per eligible person.

2.3. 20% Salzburg Card (on the day of validity)Holders of the Salzburg Card valid on the day of the event will receive 20% for one ticket. Valid for all concerts organised by the Salzburg Cultural Association. One-time free admission to the Georg Trakl Research and Memorial Site.

2.4. 20% early booking bonus
For all self-organized concerts of the Salzburger Kulturtage you will receive a 20% early booking bonus if you book and pay by 30 June. For all New Year's Eve and New Year's concerts you will receive the 20% early booking bonus if you book and pay by 30 September.

2.5. Rollstuhlplätze
Rollstuhlplätze zu € 12 können nur im Kartenbüro der Salzburger Kulturvereinigung persönlich, telefonisch und per Email gebucht werden. Eine Begleitperson erhält die Konzertkarte (Einzelkarte-Vollpreis) zu 50% reduziert.

2.6. Betriebsräte
Bislang unterstützten folgende Unternehmen ihre kulturell aktiven Mitarbeiter mit einem Abozuschuss: Stadt Salzburg, SALK, Salzburg AG, Personalvertretung der Pflichtschullehrer, Stiegl Brauerei, Porsche, u.a. Bitte erkundigen Sie sich bei Ihrer Personalabteilung oder Ihrem Betriebsrat.

2.7. Gruppenrabatte und individuelle Lösungen 
Gruppenrabatte ab 20 Personen und individuelle Lösungen erhalten Sie auf Anfrage im Kartenbüro bei Frau Nejedly. 

2.8. Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur/Kulturpass
Kostenfreie Buchung für zwei Konzerte pro Saison. Buchung möglich ab 7 Tage vor Veranstaltung im Kartenbüro gegen Vorlage des Kulturpasses (begrenztes Kontingent). 

Tickets are available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in person at the ticket office of the Salzburg Cultural Association, by telephone on +43 (0)662/845346, by e-mail to and 24 hours a day, around the clock online via our web shop at and, if available at the box office of the respective event, from 1 hour before the start of the performance. Reduced tickets are only available in advance! Tickets for all of the Salzburg Cultural Association's own events are also available at all Salzburg Raiffeisen banks, Ö-Ticket advance booking offices and the Ticket-Gretchen App. 

3.1 Opening hours  
The opening hours of the ticket office of the Salzburg Cultural Association for advance sales are Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (continuous). The box offices at all venues are open from one hour before the start of the performance, for lectures from 30 minutes before the start of the performance. 

3.2 Payment   
Ticket office in advance: Bar, ATM card (Maestro), Mastercard, VISA // By telephone: bank transfer, Mastercard, VISA // Evening box office: Bar, ATM, credit card // Webshop at Mastercard, VISA and Sofortüberweisung. 

3.3 Ticket reservation
We are happy to reserve your tickets for 14 days without obligation. Short-term ticket reservations can be made up to a maximum of one day before the respective event! The entitlement to tickets ordered which have not been paid for up to one week before the start of the event (i.e. credited to the account of the Salzburg Cultural Association or confirmation of the amount by the credit card company) expires. 

3.4 Loss of ticket   
For a fee of EUR 5,- per reprint, a duplicate can be made if the card is lost. The original card thereby loses its validity.   3.5.ComplaintsIt is the responsibility of the Ticket Purchaser to check the details on the admission ticket. In the event of any errors, please contact the ticket office immediately. Later complaints cannot be considered.   

The web shop at offers the possibility of selecting a desired seat directly in the hall picture or of having the best available seats suggested to you within a price category. Afterwards the registration as already registered user and/or the registration as new user takes place. When purchasing regular tickets (without taking advantage of a discount), an order confirmation including a link to download the 'Print@Home Ticket' will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided after the order process has been successfully completed. The 'Print@Home Ticket' must be printed out and brought to the event in A4 format and presented to the ushers on request. The barcode on the ticket must be printed correctly. Copying and altering the 'Print@Home Ticket' is prohibited. Print@Home Tickets' are excluded from exchange and return. Payment in the webshop is only possible by credit card (Mastercard, VISA) or immediate bank transfer. Online payment is processed via the partner company Wirecard by means of secure data transmission (https). The Salzburg Cultural Association accepts no liability for damage caused by criminal activities or manipulation by third parties. Reduced tickets must be picked up at the ticket office or at the box office of the respective event location upon presentation of the booking confirmation and corresponding proof of entitlement to the reduction (e.g. student ID, proof of membership). You will receive the booking confirmation including the download link of the ticket by e-mail immediately after completion of the order process. With the electronic receipt of the booking confirmation, the ordering process is considered completed.   

Redeemed cards will not be exchanged, the purchase price will not be refunded. A replacement for cards not used or only partially used or lost cards cannot be made. In exceptional cases (sickness/death) paid cards can be refunded for a service fee of € 5/card. For this purpose, the original tickets must be presented.  

Changes to the cast and programme as well as changes to the starting times do not entitle the holder to return the tickets. If there are any changes, the Salzburg Cultural Association will do its utmost to inform the ticket purchaser within a reasonable framework. However, there is no entitlement to information about changes in the cast and programme or about changes in the starting times. Claims for damages against the Salzburg Cultural Association for failure to provide information are therefore not admissible. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to inform himself about any changes. The current information can be found on the website of the Salzburg Cultural Association at  

By purchasing an admission ticket, the visitor acknowledges the house rules of the respective venue. In principle, the valid ticket must be presented to the staff of the public service of the respective venue upon request. Each valid ticket entitles the holder to attend the performance stated on it. Only the seat indicated on the ticket may be occupied. Reduced-price tickets are only valid in conjunction with the ID card justifying the reduction. Admission to events organised by the Salzburg Cultural Association may be refused to persons if there is reason to fear that they will disturb the performance or disturb visitors. Admission may also be refused if persons have already failed to comply with the general terms and conditions in previous performances. Visitors may be expelled from the current performance if they disturb it, harass others or occupy a seat for which they do not have a valid ticket. In this case the ticket price will not be refunded. The use of mobile phones in the auditorium is not permitted. Food and drinks may not be taken into the auditorium or consumed there. Smoking is prohibited.     

Picture and sound recordings are not permitted during the events. In the case of image, television, film, radio and video recordings by the Salzburg Cultural Association or authorised third parties, the visitor declares his or her consent to the recording and publication of his or her person by purchasing an admission ticket.   

When making a reservation or placing an order, the customer is requested to provide his/her personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address). The visitor agrees to the storage of personal data collected during the ordering process. This data will be used for marketing purposes by the Salzburg Cultural Association. A passing on to unauthorized third parties is not permitted in principle. The same regulation also applies to the data of the recipients of newsletters of the Salzburg Cultural Association. The consent to the processing and use of the data can be revoked at any time and causes the data to be deleted and thus no further use is accessible.  You can find the complete provisions on data protection here. 

New subscription orders can be made in person, by telephone or by e-mail and can be concluded if necessary. Payment of the subscription must be made within the specified period after the invoice has been sent.

10.1 Members
Subscribers to the cycles 'The Great Symphony', 'Music of the Masters', 'World of Music' are also extraordinary members of the Salzburg Cultural Association. The membership fee of EUR 40 is included in the subscription price. Extraordinary members are not equal to ordinary and supporting members. 

10.2 Subscription extension   
The subscriptions Great Symphony, Music of Masters and World of Music are automatically renewed. Requests for changes and cancellations must be made in writing, by post or by e-mail ( by 31 March of the year, depending on the subscription. All further subscriptions end automatically at the end of the concert season! we can only guarantee your subscription for the coming concert season if payment is received by the deadline of 31 March!

10.3 Transferability   
You can transfer your subscription card to a third person in your name to attend individual concerts. Reduced tickets (e.g. U-27) can only be transferred to a person who has the same reduction status.   

10.4 Exchanging tickets  
Within the scope of the subscription, the performance dates are fixed. Subscribers to the cycles 'The Great Symphony', 'Music of the Masters' and 'World of Music' have the possibility, depending on availability, to exchange a concert within the framework of the above-mentioned subscriptions for a service fee of € 5 per ticket. In the case of elective subscriptions, a concert exchange is possible within the scope of the performances listed in the subscription for a service fee of € 5 and a possible surcharge in the event of a category change and availability. The Salzburger Kulturvereinigung endeavours to offer exchange places in the price category of subscription places, but reserves the right to make the allocation of exchange places dependent on capacity utilisation at the time of the exchange. When exchanging, the original subscription card must be presented! There is no legal claim to an exchange. For all other subscriptions (Kulturtage-Abo, Kleines Abo, 4+4 Abo, 3x3 Abo) no exchange is possible!

10.5 Subscribers recruit subscribers   
Subscribers to the cycles 'The Great Symphony', 'Music of the Masters', and 'World of Music' have the opportunity to recruit new subscribers. For each new subscriber to the cycles 'The Great Symphony', 'Music of the Masters', 'World of Music', existing subscribers receive one free ticket during the season for any subscription concert (New Year's concerts and concerts within the framework of the Salzburg Cultural Days are excluded) as well as one music: Kaleidoskop der Kulturvereinigung.

10.6 Loss of tickets
If the subscription card is lost, it can be reordered at the ticket office for a service fee of € 5.

The publications of the Salzburg Cultural Association contain an imprint. The use of the texts and illustrations contained therein - even in excerpts - is only permitted with the express permission of the Salzburg Cultural Association. The Salzburger Kulturvereinigung accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in its homepage and print media.   

These terms and conditions are subject to Austrian law. The Salzburger Kulturvereinigung reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions. The place of jurisdiction is Salzburg.   
Status May 2019