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Guided tours take place Monday to Friday (on weekdays) at 2 p.m. each day.

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Offers for visitors and groups

In the birthplace of Georg Trakl, the most famous poet from Salzburg (1887-1914), a research and memorial site has been established since 1973, which can be visited as part of guided tours. As an introduction to life and work, a new, highly acclaimed filmic Trakl portrait is shown, followed by manuscripts and personal documents, as well as furnishings from the family's former home. In 2016, the memorial was thoroughly renovated and adapted for museum education (tablets, listening stations).

There are worksheets for the creative handling of Trakl's poems. Upon special request, films about the poet or examples of musical settings of his poems can be shown. The archive contains editions of works, extensive secondary literature, translations and literature by the Trakl Prize winners. Annotated references to the poetry boards in the city are available. ("Wege mit Georg Trakl", "Trakl's Salzburg Poems").

The Trakl House


The Waagplatz is historically important ground. It was already inhabited in Roman times (floor mosaics). In the 12th century, a building on the site of today's Trakl House was first mentioned in a document (1181). Among the changing owners were the Archbishop's Monastery Salzburg, the Monastery Admont, an uncle of Salome Alt von Altenau and Kaspar Freysauf, from whom it was acquired in 1815 by the merchant F. A. Schaffner; hence the name "Schaffner-Haus". In 1885 Tobias Trakl rented the rooms on the first floor of the Salzach side from his heirs as an apartment for the family. On 3 February 1887, Georg Trakl was born here at half past seven in the evening. In 1893 the family moved to the opposite house at Waagplatz 3.   

The "Trakl House" has carried this name since the opening of the Trakl Memorial in 1973; it is now owned by the province of Salzburg and houses several cultural institutions. On the first floor, a memorial was set up by the Salzburg Cultural Association in the rooms of the family's former apartment. A testamentary donation of memorabilia from the family property by Mrs. Maria Geipel, the poet's oldest sister, and a small Trakl collection of the Salzburg Cultural Association formed the basis for the institution, which has been continuously expanded since then.   

The most important addition was the acquisition of the Trakl estate from Erhard Buschbeck, a school friend of Trakl (1978). It was supplemented by a donation from Prof. Lotte Tobisch-Labotyn in 2008. In 1987, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Georg Trakl, the memorial was expanded to a research and memorial site.

Leitung Dr. Hans Weichselbaum

geb. 1946 in Freistadt, OÖ
Humanistisches Gymnasium 
Studium der Geschichte und Germanistik in Salzburg (Dissertation über Georg Trakl) 
Gymnasiallehrer (1972 – 2010) 
Auslandslektorat 1984/85 (Xi’an, VR China) 
Leitung des Literaturforums „Leselampe“ (1970 – 1984) 
Redaktionsmitglied der Literaturzeitschrift SALZ seit 1975, mehrfach Jurytätigkeit. 
Leiter der Georg-Trakl-Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte und Geschäftsführer des Internationalen Trakl-Forums seit 1972.

Publikationsliste von Dr. Hans Weichselbaum (als PDF).


Dr. Hans Weichselbaum
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