Georg Trakl Portrait, Jean-Paul Chambas

Trakl Forum

International Trakl Forum

The International Trakl Forum of the Salzburger Kulturvereinigung was founded in 1987 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Georg Trakl. Its aim is to promote the international significance of this poetry work. Its tasks include 

- Support of the Georg Trakl Research and Memorial Site (archive, library, documentation).
- Scientific research into the life and work of Georg Trakl with the involvement and collaboration of international experts.
- Support of publications of Trakl's works and of scientific publications about the poet.
- Promotion of links with contemporary literature, in particular poetry, and with other artistic fields (Trakl Prize, settings, films, visual arts).
- Events related to the work of Georg Trakl or that of the Trakl Prize winners, usually on the day of birth and death (3 February or 3 November).  


The Advisory Board consists of representatives of cultural and political institutions (currently 11) and corresponding members from various countries. The Advisory Board is currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Johann Holzner (University of Innsbruck). 

Management: Dr. Hans Weichselbaum


Advisory board members of the International Trakl Forum (ITF, May 2019):

Full members:
em. Univ. Prof. Dr. Johann Holzner, Innsbruck (Chairman)
Friederike Bernau, Salzburg Landestheater, dramaturgy
Karin Buttenhauser, ORF Salzburg
Assistant Prof. Dr. Uta Degner, University of Salzburg
em. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alfred Doppler, Innsbruck
Stefan David Hummel, Salzburg
Arno Kleibel, Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg Dr. Brita Steinwendtner, Salzburg
Dr. Daniela Weger, Cultural Department of the Salzburg Provincial Government
Dr. Hans Weichselbaum, Salzburg (Managing Director) 

Corresponding members:
em. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Böschenstein, Corseaux, Switzerland
Prof. Dr Károly Csúri, University of Szeged, Hungary
em. Prof. Dr. Jaak De Vos, Laarne, Belgium
Prof. Naoyuki Hosaka, Kagoshima, Japan
em. Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Kemper, Überlingen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jacques Lajarrige, Toulouse, France
em. Prof. Dr. Alexander Stillmark, Leura, Australia
em. Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Methlagl, Hall i. Tyrol