Tablets of Poems by Georg Trakl

Since 1985, boards with Trakl poems have been placed in various places in the city of Salzburg. They are to refer to "Trakl places" which have found their expression in his poems or which are of importance in the history of life.

1. Birthplace, Waagplatz 1a
In the courtyard you can see a bronze plaque with the poem "Die schöne Stadt". Trakl has processed impressions that he was able to take from the window of his cabinet in the house on Mozartplatz. But the poem was written in Vienna.

2. St. Peters Cemetery
This place has particularly impressed Trakl. You can find references to this in the poem "Sebastian im Traum", in the prose poem "Traum und Umnachtung" and in the poem "St.-Peters-Friedhof", which can be read on a board near the entrance on the hill side near the fortress elevator.

3. Mönchsberg
Trakl's walks often led him to this central city hill. He was able to withdraw there from the demands of his family or school. The poem "Am Mönchsberg" at the bastion above the monastery of St. Peter, accessible via the Toskanini staircase, points to this preference.

4. Angel Pharmacy, Linzergasse 5
After the seventh grammar school class, Trakl began a three-year internship (1905-1908) in the pharmacy "Zum weißen Engel", which was located in the house next to today's pharmacy, which was a prerequisite for the subsequent study of pharmacy in Vienna. After his studies he worked here again for two months. The poem "Im Dunkel" (In the Darkness) is intended to remind us of this.

5. Mirabell Garden
The poem "Music in the Mirabell" can be read on the eastern garden wall. The garden was well known to Trakl, his sister Hermine lived in Mirabell Castle for several years after her marriage (1909).

6. Evangelical Christ Church, Schwarzstraße 25 (Salzachkai)
Georg Trakl and his siblings were confirmed here. In the vicarage next door he had religious education twice a week during his school days. The poem "A Winter Evening" next to the northern side entrance of the church recalls this with its religious motifs.
7th railway bridge: In front of the district heating plant on the Salzach side is the poem "Vorstadt im Föhn". Trakl used pictures from the surroundings of the municipal slaughterhouse, which at that time was on the site of today's district heating plant. He loved to stroll along the Salzach. That is why the last pedestrian bridge down the Salzach is named after him ("Trakl Bridge").

8. Hellbrunn Palace Park
Trakl has stayed here with special fondness, sometimes also overnight. The atmosphere of this place has been incorporated into several texts, the poem "Die drei Teiche in Hellbrunn" refers directly to it; it can be read in the 2nd version on the octagon.

9. Anif
Just outside the southern city limits, near Hellbrunn, lies the village of Anif, known to Trakl from his walks. In the poem "Anif", he processed memory images, some of which are connected with this landscape. It is located at the pavilion next to the entrance to the municipal library.

10. Hedge Theatre (Heckentheater)
On 3 November 2017, a plaque with the poem "Naturtheater" by Georg Trakl was unveiled in the Mirabell Garden at the entrance to the Heckentheater.