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CANCELLED: Bruckner' Fifth

The traditional Brno Philharmonic and the Maestro Dennis Russell Davies, who has been "Bruckner-geeichte" since his time in Linz and is best known in Salzburg, dedicate themselves to the majestic 5th Symphony of the Master of Saint Florian. Exciting sound spaces and lyrical sound dreams are guaranteed.
Wednesday, 03. February 2021
Großes Festspielhaus
Hofstallgasse 1 , 5020 Salzburg
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26 €*
* included in the following subscription: Die große Symphonie

CANCELLED: Bruckner' Fifth

Concerto for piano four hands and string orchestra after the quartet op. 25 
(Editing: R. Dünser)

Enigma Variations, op. 36

Belgian National Orchestra
Constantin Trinks Conductor
Silver-Garburg Piano Duo


We are currently carrying out corona-related seat changes for the 2020/2021 concert season. The online booking of one-way tickets is possible again from September 15th.  


Music by Johannes Brahms for four hands would be nothing special in a piano recital by the renowned Israeli duo Silver-Garburg, but with orchestra? The versatile Austrian composer Richard Dünser has arranged Brahms' highly romantic G minor Piano Quartet op. 25 as a concerto for piano four hands and string orchestra only in 2018 and especially for Silver-Garburg.
England's "classic" Edward Elgar is sometimes referred to as the "British Brahms", which is not entirely unjustified. For example, like Brahms, Elgar was a master of variation and the "Enigma Variations" are his masterpiece in this technique. Yet they do not sound technical at all, but rather at times pleasurable, at times poetic, often powerfully uplifting. By the way, the riddles of this work are all solvable, except one - and that will remain unsolvable. The Belgian National Orchestra will be conducted by the internationally successful German maestro Constantin Trinks during this Salzburg guest performance.

Unfortunately, the introductory lectures before our subscription concerts cannot take place this season due to corona-related conditions.

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