Giora Feidman © Felix Broede
Concert Music festival Kulturtage

The Spirit of Klezmer

Giora Feidman Trio
Wednesday, 07. October 2020
Stiftung Mozarteum Großer Saal
Schwarzstrasse 26, 5020 Salzburg
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The Spirit of Klezmer

After Giora Feidman's guest performance with the Ensemble Gitanes Blondes at the Salzburg Kulturtage 2019, the exceptional musician can now be experienced in his original formation. The trio with clarinet, guitar and bass was Giora Feidman's "classical" instrumentation and the starting point for his international success. Here the soul of klezmer music is impressively brought to life. The musicians, excellently played together, drive each other, complement what the other began, point, imitate, counteract the sequences of the partner instrument with concentrated seriousness and sometimes also with the mischievous on the neck. The trio form a quartet with the audience and each concert is unique.

Giora Feidman, clarinet, bass clarinet
Guido Jäger, double bass
Enrique Ugarte, accordion

Single tickets: € 29 – € 74
-20% early booking until 30 June
€ 12 for U27

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