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Classic & Culinary

Classic & Culinary

Döllerer cooks Mozart's "Frühlingsquartett"

Enjoyment & listening experience

„Frühlingsquartett“ by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Mozarteum Quartett · Andreas Döllerer (Culinary, Concept)
Tuesday, 16. April 2024
Kavalierhaus Klessheim
Kleßheim 2 , 5071 Wals-Siezenheim
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250 €*

Classic & Culinary

Streichquartett Nr.14, G-Dur, KV387


The "Classical Music & Culinary Arts" format has the hedonistic ambition of cultivating an equal enjoyment and listening experience in which music is more than just a garnish and culinary arts more than just a main course. With good taste, subtlety and tact coordinated with the music, the culinary artist Andreas Döllerer creates an artfully prepared menu with wine accompaniment. The culinary delights are served to the guests as a kind of "cooked choreography" to the music of the Mozarteum Quartet. The string sounds of Mozart's "Spring Quartet" serve as the source of inspiration for Andreas Döllerer's 4-course menu. Classical music and culinary delights are harmoniously seasoned here and stand side by side in equal measure. Spring fever is awakened through both the taste senses and the auditory experience. Andreas Döllerer from Salzburg, one of the most awarded chefs in the country, is known for his Cuisine Alpine and puts flavours like instruments into his dishes. Spring can be tasted, heard and experienced in full harmony.

Ticket: € 250
Per person incl. menu & wine accompaniment
Free for Gold Card holders

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