ORF Bestenliste in October: New Historical-critical edition of "Georg Trakl, Poems and Letters" by Hans Weichselbaum (Ed.)


The historical-critical new edition "Georg Trakl, Dichtungen und Briefe" edited by Dr. Hans Weichselbaum makes it onto ORF's Bestenliste in October.

In September 2020, the new historical-critical edition of "Georg Trakl, Poems and Letters" by the director of the Georg Trakl Research and Memorial Site, Dr. Hans Weichselbaum, was published by Otto Müller Verlag with previously unpublished poems, letters and reviews of the poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914). The new edition includes  15 new poems from the "Richard Buhlig Collection", which Marty Bax discovered during a research in the archives of California State University Long Beach, and the poem "Hölderlin", which was discovered in 2016 when the library of the antiquarian Erhard Löcker was dissolved. Previously unpublished literary texts, reviews and a previously unknown letter to Adolf Loos have also been included in this edition.