Standing ovations at "The spirit of Klezmer"


Guest performance of the Giora Feidman Trio at the Salzburger Kulturtage (October 7th)

At the opening of the Salzburger Kulturtage 2020 (07 - 21.10.20) the exceptional musician Giora Feidman could be experienced in his original formation with Enrique Ugarte on accordion and Guido Jäger on double bass in a finely tuned trio.             

When the trio around Giora Feidman entered the stage, the audience was already spellbound. Introduced with the affectionate words of Feidman, in which he turned to his colleagues and congratulated the newly born grandfather Enrique Ugarte and Guido Jäger on their birthday, the classics of Klezmer were presented soon afterwards, finely pointed and with sounds that partly went into the piano, which were again broken through forte. By "Donna Donna" at the latest, the trio had captivated the audience in the Haus für Mozart. 
Soon after, the trio around Giora Feidman also proved its jazz qualities as Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world" was effortlessly replaced by Ella Fitgerald's "Summertime".
The evening was dominated by skilfully counteracting, pointing and imitating the respective sequences of the partner instruments of the recorded trio, as well as various rhythm changes and grandiose solos by Giora Feidman and the Basque accordionist and conductor Enrique Ugarte. Giora Feidman repeatedly emphasized the power of music that can unite the world, which he also proved with his impressive interpretation of a Muslim prayer as one of the last pieces of music. The audience was enraptured and honored the successful start of the Salzburger Kulturtage with standing ovations.   

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