Salzburger Kulturtage 2023

The Music Festival in Autumn

The "Salzburger Kulturtage" are dedicated to the diversity of musical genres.
Outstanding artists present different genres, formats and works during the almost three weeks of the festival. Sacred music, symphonic concerts and a unique jazz evening inspire a wide-ranging audience, as do two events devoted entirely to the theme of "Ostracised Music". And the focus is always: Music!

With Würth Philharmonic Orchestra, Bruckner Orchestrer Linz, Lungau Big Band, Das Ballaststofforchester, Musicbanda Franui, maschek, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Orchestra of the Salzburg Kulturvereinigung, Chamber Choir KlangsCala, Wayne Marshall, Claudio Vandelli, Egon Achatz, Thomas Søndergård, Helmut Zeilner, Maximilian Hornung, Chanda Rule, Daniela Fally, Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz, Lise de la Salle, Luisa Imorde.

All events are bookable now!

- U27 tickets: € 13 for all under 27s.
- 20 % early booking bonus until 30 July 2023

Programme from 2 October to 22 October 2023