Research & Archive

Georg Trakl Archive

The archive of the Georg Trakl Research and Memorial Site contains the following holdings:

  • Trakl editions: from the first editions to the new Innsbruck Trakl edition.
  • Translations: Translations of the complete oeuvre or a selection of it in 31 languages. Complete works or extensive translations in: English, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Japanese, Greek, Georgian.
  • Translations of your choice: Norwegian, Swedish, Flemish, Frisian, Gaelic, Czech, Slovak, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Portuguese, Turkish, Lithuanian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese.
  • Secondary literature: Publications in book form and a collection of important essays.
  • Literature by and about Trakl's contemporaries
  • Films about Georg Trakl
  • Examples for the examination of the work of Georg Trakl by visual artists
  • Examples of Trakl scores, some of which are accompanied by sheet music
  • Literature of the Trakl Prize Winners (since 1952)